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Feasibility Study 

All our projects start with a client meeting on site, in order to understand their requirements and aspirations. After a methodical analysis of the site constraints and the local context, initial ideas are explored with the purpose to identify opportunities and give a new perspective to the client's brief.

During this stage we also advise the client on other consultants to be appointed as part of the professional team.

Concept design 

On the basis of the initial considerations made during the Feasibility stage, a number of design options are prepared and presented to the client. After a series of workshops a final design is agreed to be developed in the following stages.

At the end of this stage, If the size of the scheme requires it or if there are any particular planning constraints, we can apply for pre-application consultation to the Local Authority.

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Developed design & Planning

The scheme is developed with the addition of the necessary layers of information. Specialist consultant reports, planning drawings and forms are prepared to be submitted to the Local Authority. 

If a planning consultant is not part of the professional team, we submit the application via the planning portal and liaise with the Officer in charge during the consultation period.

Technical detailed ​design & Tender

During this stage we produce a robust technical package to include drawings and specifications of materials and finishes, suitable for a contractor to price and build from. As part of this, we coordinate the design with the information provided by other members of the professional team like Structural, Civil and MEP Engineers.

If required, we can manage the tender process with an analysis of the offers provided by the contractors. In this way we help to identify and agree final costs as well as choose the right builder for the project.

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Interior design & Bespoke joinery solutions

We pride ourselves for our ability to design smart spaces that people can enjoy to live, work and play.

A key aspect to this, is the design of bespoke joinery elements like kitchens, wardrobes and cabinets.

In the same way, we guide our clients through the choice of internal finishes and fittings, to ensure the space meets their aspirations.

Construction & Project Management

During construction we oversee the works with regular site visits to ensure the project is delivered according to the drawings and with the quality we all expect. We also help the contractor to resolve any technical query that may arise from site.

Depending on the size of the scheme, we can draft and administer the the contract between the client and the appointed contractor. As part of this, we carry out valuations of the progress made on site, issue the relevant payment certificates and resolve any dispute that may arise between the parties. Once work is complete we issue a Completion Certificate and ensure there is a smooth handover back to the Client.

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