TORRI 2020

Location: Trento, Italy

Category: Housing

Services: Concept

Status: -

Budget: -

This is our proposal for the refurbishment of the 14 towers at the Madonna Bianca district in Trento, Italy. The Towers were built in the early '60s and represent a great example of modernist Architecture in the area. Our proposal seeks to lighten the proportions of the existing facades through a new 'exoskeleton' that marks the position of the structural elements whilst providing more verticality. The rest of the external surfaces are cladded with panels with different gradients of green to match with the surrounding landscape. The west facing balconies are cladded with solar PV panels and an integrated shading system is provided to protect from the heat during the summer period. The new cladding system provides also external insulation to improve the energy efficiency of the buildings.


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