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Passive house external view.jpg

The structure is made out of cross-laminated timber, a very light and eco-friendly building material. The orientation of the volume and the internal layout favour the natural illumination of the space inside the house throughout the day. The open plan kitchen/living area faces south-west whereas the two bedrooms have south-east and north-east orientation. Loggias and louvres are protecting the most exposed area from overheating during the summer period. On the north side of the building instead, we located all the utility space and services. The roof is composed of an extensive green surface which helps to collect the rainwater into an attenuation tank. This is then partly used for the irrigation system of the garden and partly released into the public drainage system.

Location: Trento, Italy

Category: Homes

Services: Feasibility to Completion

Status: Completed

Budget: £300,000


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