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Location: London, Notting Hill

Category: Homes

Services: Feasibility to Completion

Status: Completed

Budget: £200,000

Photos: Agnese Sanvito

This open plan duplex in Notting Hill was designed for a young couple who decided to buy their first property in London. The lovely location, combined with natural light and quiet area, inspired the design to focus all of the services within a central spine and free the space around it. This 'utility wall' contains a small wc, coat/shoes wardrobe, storage and most of the kitchen appliances, leaving the dining, kitchen & living open plan.​ As part of the project a small terrace was added to enhance the outside experience and enjoy the weather. All the windows were upgraded to be double glazed, improving sound and thermal isolation.​ Upstairs, a more rigorous division creates two wide double bedrooms with a central core of services which include one en-suite and a family bathroom. To maximise the available storage, a continuous wardrobe is set in the hallway and carries on in the bedroom. 


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