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Location: London, Haringey

Category: Homes

Services: Feasibility to Completion

Status: Completed

Budget: £350,000

This project is for a side return extension to a semi-dethatched house in Muswell Hill. The layout has been designed to enhance the provision of natural light inside the space and the visual connection with the generous rear garden. The geometry of the roof, divided in two pitched sections culminating with skylights, reflects the internal hierarchy. One roof covers the kitchen, whereas the other is located above the living/dining area. A bay window with integrated seating provides the perfect chill out spot with view to the garden. The island kitchen is located along the side portion of the extension and a rectangular fixed window frames the outside view. Externally, the two volumes are cladded in standing seam. The dark colour of zinc contrasts with the exposed red brick matching the existing house.


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