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211214_161_Corner view .jpg

Location: Epping, UK

Category: Residential

Services: Concept

Status: Private competition

Budget: Undisclosed

Connections is the core concept behind the project. Both through connecting with the local character and culture of the area through design as well as reconnecting the site with the local community by creating a sense of belonging/place with a permeable and semi-public scheme that allows free movement to and from the nearby Station and village.

The scheme accommodates 15 high quality residential units with balconies and patios in addition to the generous communal garden.

The design and materiality references the existing character of the village and translates the local features in a contemporary manner. The red brick with stretcher and herringbone bond flirts with the characteristic Mock Tudor building that frames the high street. The red brick facade is accentuated by a dark bronze roof cladding and a matching glazed green brick base and detailing.


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