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220215_Entrance view_FINAL.jpg

Location: Harrow, UK

Category: Mixed Use

Services: Concept

Status: Pre-application

Budget: Undisclosed

On the infill site, to the rear of 11-13 Masons Avenue, a scheme of a new 16 storey plus ground floor tower is proposed, accommodating 22 units 

Located in the Harrow and Wealdstone Opportunity Area, it contributes to the future development of the local area and adds to the family/group of already developed neighbouring towers.

The scheme offers generous private amenity space in the form of recessed balconies along with communal facilities on the 4th and 5th floored, to be shared amongst the residents.

The site benefits from the massing of the volume, as it generates a generous communal garden to the rear of the building.

A glazed front faces Palmerston Road and welcomes the residents through the main entrance. The scheme with its 22 units, generates an increased flow of people throughout the day which in turn contributes to the urbanity and sense of sexurity in the local area.


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