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Barnet renovation house front.jpg

Location: London, Barnet

Category: Homes

Services: Post planning to completion

Status: Completed

Budget: £500,000

Interior designer: Tom Hughes

Photos: Joel Knight

The clients reached out to us after obtaining planning permission for the extension of their family home in North London. 

Although they had a clear indication of the extent of the proposed space, they needed some guidance to set out the internal functionality of each room and enhance the visual connections throughout the house. This has been their home for many years and the clients decided it was time to renovate and extend.

Together with interior designer Tom Hughes, we managed to complement the inside with warm textures and finishes whilst adding a touch of personality to each room. We added different ceiling heights and furniture to the generous living space, in order to identify the single areas within the wider context of the modern open plan concept. 

The 7.5m wide sleek patio doors frame the calming garden and vice versa, when viewed from the outside fire pit, the interiors are beautifully represented through the glass doors. 

Upstairs, new en-suite shower rooms and spacious cupboards are added to the bedrooms, while the loft conversion makes room for a quiet and much needed home office. Neutral colours and soft textures add a cosy feeling throughout the house. 


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